Call Center

We provide call centre operation for Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace Ostrava (SmVaK Ostrava) and its customers.

On the customer service free telephone line 800 292 400 and on free telephone line for failures 800 292 300 we provide:

  • Processing questions of economic nature:
    • Invoicing of drinking water and sewage water
    • Change of form of payment
    • Requests for copies of invoices
    • Requests for payment schedules
  • Receiving and handling complaints
  • Processing of water meter status reports
  • Handling technical requirements:
    • Laying out of water and sewer networks
    • Queries on the existence of a water and sewerage network
    • Information on alternative drinking water supply
    • Requests for water meter replacement, sealing of water meter, official verification of water meter
  • Service offer
    • Installation of water and sewer connection
    • Filling the pool
    • Cleaning and monitoring of sewerage systems
    • Cleaning of cesspools
  • Receiving failure reports, information about current failures and outages