ur company is involved in new technologies and smart metering.
In 2015 we launched the remote metering project in Janovice next to Frýdek-Místek. Approximately 560 water meters are installed now in Janovice and Janovice-Bystré and this number has been increasing and new service pipes are being laid.
Sensus technologies make it possible to connect the next generation water meter with web interface.

It is possible to read the water meter within monitoring – Ovod’s technician does not need to come to the site.
If the read data in the consumption point are not standard, on-line information about non-standard consumption is sent. For instance:

  • Too high flow because of failure of pipe downstream the water meter
  • Continuous consumption exceeding litres per hour – such as a running toilet.
  • Change in pressure in the consumption point – a failure downstream the water meter.

Water meters of new generation, iPERL, are installed in consumption points. They reliably monitor the flow rate (Qmin) from 5 litres/hour.
Unlike other static meters, the iPERL water meters use a remanent magnetic field for linear measurement with very low flow rates.
The magnetic field that affects the flowing water generates electric voltage that is proportional to the speed of flowing water (principle of magneto-inductive measurement of flow rates).
A water meter is a compact unit where the water flow sensor (the metering unit) and the transmitter are built in into the water meter. It transmits at 868 MHz – the wave length is approved by the Czech Telecommunication Office. The water meter does not disturb TV, internet, satellite or frequency of mobile operators.
Service life of a water meter depends on capacity of a battery that is built in into the water meters. The manufacturer mentions 12-15 years. This is the minimum for the next validation period.


Range of the signal transmitted by the water meter depends on location. Typically, the range is several hundreds of meters. So that the information could be sent to a remote server, the signal needs to be amplified and transferred to the transmitter. This is done by concentrators/repeaters. They use the same frequency as iPERL meters: 868 MHz.
They are supplied from own batteries with the minimum service life of 10 years.
The repeaters are located, as needed, on the territory of the town.


Data transfer from GATEWAY units is used for transfer of data from water meters.
Concentrators/repeaters hand over data “along the route” up to the transmitter.
The data are received by the home server. Then, the data are displayed in a web browser (the transfer is encrypted and a password is needed for login).
The data are not now available for commercial use.