Testing and Calibration

Testing during validity of water meters verification, calibration, informative testing of water meters

These activities are carried out by employees of AMC, it is an on-demand operation.

  • Testing during the period of validity of the water meter verification shall be carried out in case of doubt about the correct functioning of the meter. After testing, the ordering party will receive a Certificate of the result of the verification, which also includes the measured flow values. If the water meter fails, it must not be used for further measurements. The test report shall bear an official stamp bearing the national emblem.
  • Calibration is performed to obtain accurate measurement values, and a Calibration certificate containing the measurement values is issued. It does not contain information whether or not the meter is suitable. The water meter does not bear an official mark..
  • Informative tests of water meters are carried out to determine the water meter conditions. A Record of the informative accuracy test result is issued, the measured values are indicated in the document.