Verification of water meters

Verification of water meters

This activity is carried out by trained staff of an authorized metrology center (AMC) based on certificates issued by Czech metrology institute (CMI) in Brno.

Verification of repaired water meters is carried out in the AMS on its own equipment for hot water meters in the range of DN 15-32 and for cold water meters in the range of DN 15-100. Larger water meters are after their repair verified in cooperation with contractual authorized centers in the Czech Republic. If the verification is carried out abroad, it always takes place in the presence of the CMI employee who issues the verification.

The certified water meter, which meets the requirements of the specified meter (can be used for billing purposes), is provided with the official mark K63, which has been assigned to our AMC. water meter with such mark can be used for the purpose of measuring cold water consumption for a period of 6 years, in case of hot water it is 4 years.

For ratio meters used to account for consumption costs, the validation period for cold and hot water meters is unified to 5 years.

The official mark is a full confirmation of the functionality of the meter and therefore there is no need to issue another proof of verification. However, at the customer’s request, we can issue a Certificate of verification of a meter for a fee of CZK 269 + VAT.

Repairs, regulation and verification are carried out on most water meters within 30 days of receipt of the order. The delivery time may be longer if a replacement part is required to be ordered. The customer is informed by telephone about the completion of the repair.

We provide 24 months warranty for repairs and verification of water meters.