Call centrum

We operate the customer line and breakdown assistance service for Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace Ostrava.

Customers can call the free customer line 800 292 400 and the free breakdown assistance service 800 292 300 in order to contact professional operators who will flexibly assist to address requirements which include:

Economic queries:

  • Invoicing of water tariff and sewage charge
  • Change of payment methods
  • Requests to send bill copies
  • Requests to provide a payment schedule
  • Processing of the reported data from read water meters

Technical queries:

  • Existence of water networks/sewage systems on a specific territory
  • Information about alternative supplies of drinking water
  • Request to replace a water meter, request to install a seal on a water meter, request for official verification of a water meter

Offer of services:

  • Installation of a wastewater service pipe/sewage pipe
  • Supplying water for swimming pools
  • Monitoring and cleaning of sewage systems
  • Removal of sludge/wastewater fromcespools and septic tanks

Receiving information about breakdowns, shutdowns and malfunctions