Metrology Centre

VodoTech was issued by the Czech Metrology Institute (“ČMI”) the Certificate on Metrology / Technical / Personnel Competence, pursuant to which VodoTech may check certain metering equipment. VodoTech is also certified pursuant to ISO 9001 for this activity.

The repair shop and the authorised metrology centre (“AMS”) with the official marking K63 are based at Jaselská 220/47, Předměstí, 747 07 Opava

Following services are provided there

Repair of water meters of different sizes for cold water and hot water

Below see the visualisation of the services carried out by a service technician:

Removal and thorough cleaning of the water meter
Repair of damaged painting at the water meter casing. Replacement of damaged/faulty components in the water meter
Assembly of the water meter, and check of its function

Regulation and verification of water meters

The repaired water meters are verified by OVOD in AMS using own equipment: DN 15-30 for hot water meters and DN 15-100 for cold water meters. Big water meters are, after being repaired, verified in cooperation with verification third party centres which are authorised for the Czech Republic.

Each water meter which fulfils essentials set forth for the water meters (and can be used for billing) has an official marking, K63, on it. Such water meter with the official marking can measure consumption of cold water for 6 years and consumption of hot water for 4 years.

The official marking is a legitimate proof of function of a meter and it is not necessary to issue other verification evidence. Upon customer’s request, the water meter can be issued a verification certificate.

Re-testing of the water meters during validity of their certificates, calibration, and random-testing

During validity of certificates, the water meters are re-tested in case of doubts whether they work properly. Once the test is completed, the client will receive the test certificate which will include information about flow rates.

If a water meter fails the tests, it cannot be used for metering. Each test protocol needs to be confirmed with an official stamp with the state symbol. Calibration is carried out in order to check exactly the measured values. A calibration protocol contains the measured data. It does not include information whether the metering device is, or is not, compliant. Such water meter does not have an official marking on it.

Random testing of water meters is carried out in order to find out the condition of the water meter. A protocol of check testing provides information about the measured data.

Installation of water meters

VodoTech installs and replaces water meters in apartments. This activity is carried out on the basis of the Certificate No. 7001-OR-0012-08 which applies to repairs and installation of water meters. Prices are quoted individually and depend on our capacities.

Trainings of installation technicians

VodoTech is a contractual partner for water meter importers and is responsible for warranty and after-warranty servicing. ČMI gave its approval and VodoTech can train now the installation technicians in practical drill which is needed for registration.

Each participant who passes the training is given a certificate with his/her name and receives written documents that list the topics discussed during the training. The price of such training is specified in the pricelist. For more information do not hesitate and contact us please.

Sale of water meters incl. equipment, attachments and fitting

In case of interest, do not hesitate and contact us.