Smart metering

VodoTech launched the Smart metering project in 2015 when it tested the remote-transfer compact water meters. In 2017 we launched pilot projects for smart remote reading of meters. For that purpose, wireless networks, SigFox and LoRa, were used. In 2019 all those projects were replaced with the existing solution which uses the NB IoT (NarrowBand Internet of Things) transfer.


This is a special narrow-brand network which is designed for data transfer only. It results in an efficient transfer with minimum requirements with respect to the battery in the device. This considerably reduces costs of the data transfer. An advantage is signal coverage in the Czech Republic – the signal covers even places which are difficult to access. Remote configuration and remote control are possible for all end devices.

Experience gained from previous projects is used now for cooperation with Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace Ostrava, several other municipalities, and companies in the region. We work together on development of a smart system for remote reading of meter data.

The objective is to find reliable and not-so-expensive solutions for the water suppliers as well as some user comfort for the end consumers. 10,000 units have been installed so far, and remote data are read now from those units.

We are able to install out remote reading solution at most of water meters which are produced now. Two different types of units are available:

  • FLS – This unit is used for small-size household water meters. Data are read every two hours. Data batches are sent, for visualisation, to the customer portal once in 24 hours.
  • FLX – This unit is used for industrial water meters. Data are read every 15 minutes. Data batches are sent to the customer portal every 6 hours.

The data reading portal which is used for evaluation of the read data runs on a cloud. Customers may download the data using API. It is also possible to export data into files which a customer may use in his/her applications. This means it is possible to detect water leakage in an early stage, eliminating thus extensive damage.

Continuous improvements of the portal are underway. Thanks to customers’ initiative, we are optimising now the early warning alarms which will indicate increased consumption of water.

Advantages of Smart metering

  • Fewer consumption points without meter reading
  • Easier detection of water loss and illegal water consumption
  • Information about situation in water supplies