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What do we offer?

Taking of samples of water. Chemical, biochemical, and microbiological laboratory analyses of drinking water (from a water supply or a water well), hot water, water from local swimming pools, wastewater from central wastewater treatment plants, and wastewater from local wastewater treatment plants. Our team consists of experienced and competent analytical employees and site employees with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment who travel each day to sampling points.


Our laboratory provides its services for Severomoravské vodovody a kanalizace Ostrava (SmVaK Ostrava a.s.), other water companies operating in the region, for municipalities, companies, and individuals.

Where are we present? In the entire region!

The Central Laboratory in Ostrava in an accredited national body with accreditation issued by the Czech Accreditation Institute as early as in 1999. The key professional service we have been providing is general analyses of water. For more details see the Certificate of Accreditation No. 233/2023. In line with the accreditation we also take samples of water. The Central Laboratory uses suitable methods and procedures for its laboratory activities (pursuant to the applicable standards), identifies measuring uncertainties, and uses a statistic approach for data analyses (the list of uncertainties and limits for method determinability). Strategic objectives and commitments of the laboratory and company management team are defined in the Management System Policy.

The facility was created in 1970 and since then it has been very flexibly addressing all requirements resulting from water legislative. If you need a water analysis, for instance, for official acceptance of a completed construction project, or for a water reservoir after reconstruction, or if you need to prove correct treatment of wastewater for an office in charge, your sample will be analysed in the Central Laboratory.

Operation laboratories in Nový Jičín, Opava, Havířov, and Třinec analyse mostly wastewater sludge and wastewater from central and local wastewater treatment plants. They also take samples of wastewater. You will not be given a protocol from an accredited laboratory, but if such protocol were needed, the laboratory staff will help you analysing an sample in the Central Laboratory in Ostrava.
The operation laboratories in Nová Ves u Frýdlantu and Vítkov—Pohradí focus on analyses of drinking water, surface water, and ground water. Each day, the laboratories analyse several dozens of samples from water industry. You can also use the laboratory services if you wish to know parameters of water in water wells or water drills, and if the location of the operation laboratories is suitable for you. These laboratories also regularly organise the accredited analyses of the samples in the Central Laboratory in Ostrava.

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How an analysis is carried out?

If you do not need an accredited sampling employee to take a sample, you have to pick up a sample box in any of the listed laboratories. You will take home the sampling box and the sampling instructions (instructions for taking a sample of drinking water/water from a private swimming pool by a customer). Once a sample is taken, it should be, in the best-case scenario, supplied to the laboratory on the same day. A sampling protocol for drinking water/wastewater needs to be submitted as well. Job order. Because of laboratory processes, the analyses typically last few days. The final test protocol is drafted within seven working days.

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